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All honorariums benefit CORE Viet Nam for Humanitarian  Projects, which include tuition assistance for veterans in need. In addition, all book and photograph sales are donated back to CORE Viet Nam.

                                            Humanitarian Work

Humanitarian work is an integral component for the reconciliation process. This is not only for veterans, but also for civilians, as well as for national mending. CORE has many working relationships with organizations needing help. New projects are discovered with every trip.

Such projects include: food distribution, school scholarships, water purification, sewing and washing machines, surgery donations for Agent Orange victims, wheelchairs, a water buffalo or cow to a poor farmer, and healthcare clinics for the Vietnamese. 
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                                            The Healing of a Nation

Speaking engagements by CORE Viet Nam (Community-Reconciliation) Vietnam) are arranged for various organizations, schools, churches and general public around the United States. The events are tailored to the audience and will share valuable information for cultural awareness necessary for peaceful community reconciliation. Many of the participants have been stimulated for more experiential work on this subject. CORE will continue adding more workshops and will help to plan travel to Viet Nam if desired.

As of 2016, the United States has been an Independent Nation for 240 years. Rather young in comparison to many other countries around the world, yet it has the worst history of war. Out of those 240 years, only 21 have been without experiencing the blood shed from conflict. Although most citizens would argue for a peaceful nation, no one seems to know how to go about it. The consequence of these actions has created millions of combat veterans. Very few of these veterans have had the opportunity to heal from the wounds of war.

Through CORE Viet Nam presentations and programs, issues dealing with post-war homecoming address the needs for veteran re-integration into society after war. These issues involve the entire country. The affects on individual communities are astounding. It boils down to a cultural awareness that allows for healing, but perhaps also for a national armistice.​

                                 Annual Journeys to Viet Nam

We travel to Vietnam offering humanitarian gifts of love and discover that our old wounds heal as we give. There’s a surprise for the group too, especially when learning that the Vietnamese have absolved their past and live freely in the present moment. Discovering a culture that measures the value of all human life deepens our awareness of what can be and we realize that the trip is not to reconcile with the war, but with ourselves.

CORE Viet Nam is dedicated to share the beauty of Vietnamese culture with American communities. Annual Spring Trips offer opportunities for veterans and civilians to travel together to Viet Nam for resolution, reconciliation, healing, humanitarian work, tourism, spiritual growth and relaxation. Yes, all of that and so much more as participants often remark, “this was a life changing experience.”​
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Viet Nam is considered a Buddhist country. There are other disciplines too, like Catholicism, Cao Dai, ethnic tribal ideologies among others, or practicing nothing at all. One thing everyone has in common, however, is that they all seem to live within a moral code. Many of the natives have no idea where it came from, yet they practice it as if scripture continues to dictate behavior. Nearly 3000 years ago Confucius philosophy illuminated several of the Southeast Asian countries, particularly in Viet Nam.

                                          About the Director

Dr. John Wesley Fisher is a Vietnam combat veteran that has been researching and practicing natural methods for post-war reconciliation, many of which are from long-lost ancient traditions, some still being practiced today.
Much of John’s unique approach to healing the wounds of war was developed by re-visiting Viet Nam. Not only have the Vietnamese welcomed him back to his former warzone, but they have honored him as well, although he once fought against many of them. These former rivals do not experience the post-war ramifications that their American counterparts do. Time and again he has returned to learn and even feel the cultural energy so favorable for community reconciliation.​

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All audiences visited offer travel expenses for the speaker, which can be shared by several venues.

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CORE Viet Nam gives American veterans and civilians opportunities to learn
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While the culture seems to allocate ample funds for war creating multitudes of veterans, it seems inadequately proportional when tending their wounds after the fact. The calamitous squeal results not only for the lionhearted within in the nation, but for the entire populace. Community reconciliation occurs when the burden of the warhorse is carried by the multitudes. Our taxes do not seem to be employed to make the difference necessary, so our donations are vital. CORE (Community Reconciliation) Vietnam is an organization with activities designed to restore veteran and civilian relationships with intentions to acquire a society in harmony.

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