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​​It is 1967 and Charlie Armfield is just a few weeks away from the world championship ​surfing competition when his life is turned upside down and he finds himself, instead, preparing for battle on the front lines in Vietnam. In his struggle to survive, Charlie turns to techniques that made him a champion at home. As his experiences damage his heart and his spirit, he tries to understand the war and his part in it. Charlie’s homecoming does little to ease the conflict in his soul so he undertakes a journey to redemption and awareness that leads him from one coast to the other and then to the opposite end of the world where he is finally able to come to terms with his past and begin to understand what his future can be. This new edition of John Wesley Fisher’s debut novel presents readers with compelling characters and a thought provoking story even as it offers a path for healing and comfort to veterans of conflicts beyond Vietnam. This is John’s first novel, self-published in 2002; republished by Pronghorn Press in 2010.

John spent more than 20 years camouflaging his feelings from war. This is his first non-fiction telling his stories without the poetic license acceptable with novel writing. Published on Veteran’s Day, 2011 (11/11/11) by Pronghorn Press.​

The horrible road to war can be traveled far too easily and even against our will.  In contrast, the road home is long, difficult, confusing, and tragically unmapped.  John Fisher has walked these roads through war's furnace and home with his eyes, heart, mind and spirit wide open.  He has examined all that lies in his own conscience and soul.  He has peeked into corners of self, healing and society that few examine.  He has restlessly searched to understand war's wounding and contribute to its healing.  For all these reasons and more, John Fisher's witness should be heard and heeded.  With courage, devotion and love, John has transformed himself from veteran into spiritual warrior.  In this book, The War After the War, he maps his journey so that others can also find their ways home and to self.
Edward Tick, PhD - Author, "War and the Soul" and "Warrior's Return" - Director of Soldier's Heart

More than 30 years after being discharged from the Army, Stephen Jackson is still haunted by a vivid and disturbing nightmare. When he finally decides to get some help, the path to the answers he seeks is littered with unexpected obstacles. Like a stone thrown into still water, the ripples of Stephen’s journey will reach out farther than he could ever have imagined, touching the lives of people he has never met. Author John Wesley Fisher tells this tale, his third novel with the Vietnam War at its center, in a tightly crafted story that addresses the far-­‐reaching consequences of war itself for both those who fought and those whose lives touch theirs. Officially released on April 30, 2015, 40 years after the official end of the Vietnam War, by Pronghorn Press. 

Story telling is an important piece to the healing puzzle, something our nations veterans face after combat. It was a natural part within the ancient cultures, including Native American tribes. Veterans need opportunities to unload the burdens they carry after serving their homeland in conflict. After John fought in Vietnam, he brought home the wounds that couldn’t be seen. He began to unload his backpack, filled with the sorrows of war, by way of novel writing, one of his many healing projects. After writing his first novel, "Angels in Vietnam," he also began researching other natural methods for post-war reconciliation. Some of his most profound discoveries were observed in the most unlikely place—Vietnam. To his surprise, the Vietnamese welcomed him and he realized that his former adversaries weren’t experiencing the post-war ramifications that he did. "With the Flip of a Coin," is John’s fourth published writing, and third novel. All of his books share the profound difficulties veterans experience and the differences between Eastern and Western cultures after war.

This new edition of John Wesley Fisher’s second novel is filled with suspense about a veteran’s journey back to the scene of his nightmares. Struggling from PTSD, Benjamin Franklin West often wonders what in the world he is doing. However, persuasion from his best friend keeps him on track for a healing journey and the discovery that Vietnam is no longer a war, but rather a beautiful country. Nguyen Duc Anh is a former South Vietnamese who fled his war-torn country at age ten with the end of the fighting in 1975. Fearing communist persecution, he and his family left everything behind to begin a new life in the United States. It was through snowboarding that he connected with Ben, but traveling back to his native land with the veteran made the bond extraordinary.​​​​ This novel was self-published in 2005; republished by Pronghorn Press in 2010.

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