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John discusses his chiropractic work 
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 Balance Chiropractic Technique
 Dr. John W. Fisher,  founder

  Doctors of chiropractic address interferences to the nervous system. The function of every organ, tissue and cell is controlled by nreve impulses travelling from the brain to all parts of the body (Gray's Anatomy). Health is a condition of wholeness in which all organs are functioning 100% all of the time (Webster's Dictionary). Structural misalignment, Chemical intrusion (nutritional deficiency/allergies/toxins) and Emotional complexes will all interfere with neurological transmission. The body's functioning ability is challenged and good health is tenuous.

  Over the past three decades, Dr. John W. Fisher has completed extensive post-graduate study in Applied Kinesiology, Neuro Emotional Technique, Allergy Elimination Technique, Activator Method, Athletic Research and Education, and Motion Palpation, as well as many informative seminars on nutrition and wholistic healing.

  The Balance Chiropractic Technique is a blend of his studies and has had outstanding success. The treatments can address the complete triad of health: Structural, Chemical and Emotional. For more than 30 years, his work has offered an extraordinary opportunity for patients to experience total balance with their health care  allowing them to experience good health.

Neuro Emotional  Technique
Dr. Scott Walker,  founder

  Significant events in our lives are accompanied by an emotional experience. Most of the time the experience is released and we continue with our lives as if nothing had happened. Sometimes, however, our bodies hold onto a feeling and "store it" in our sympathetic nervous system as a neuro emotional complex (NEC). These complexes can eventually create imbalances in the spinal column, muscle groups, and acupuncture meridians, creating not only physical illness, but also conditioned responses that can sabotage our lives.

  For over a hundred years, doctors of chiropractic  have normalized imbalances with an adjustment of the vertebral segments in the spine, not always being aware of how the imbalance occurred. The correction was made, but because the source was not determined, the disparity would often return. Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), is a diagnostic process to identify the imbalance and it's possible emotional roots.

  With a complete diagnosis, the imbalance and NEC can be stabilized. Physiologically the patient feels better and emotionally life can change. NET has been very useful in helping chiropractic patients set and achieve goals because they can become free from conditioned responses from their emotional past. The end result is balance on the emotional portion of the triad of health.

Allergy Elimination
Dr. Devi Nambudripad, founder

  Allergies are caused when the body's immune system overreacts to a substance. It's like these substances (known as allergens) cause a 'short circuit' of the functions in the body and the reactions do not have to be the familiar runny nose and sneezing symptoms, although that may happen. The continuous contact with allergens produce toxins in the body that may eventually create symptoms that can be quite serious and mimic other conditions like asthma, heart irregularities, gastro-intestinal and genital-urinary problems, depression, ADD and skin disorders to name a few. Virtually all chronic illnesses have an underlying basis in some form of allergic response.

  Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techique (NAET), is a breakthrough treatment that uses chiropractic and acupuncture to permanently desensitize patients to all kinds of allergies. Short circuits are created in the nervous system by an allergic response which blocks a certain organ. The doctor stimulates areas of the nervous system connected to that organ while the patient holds a small vial containing an energetic "surrogate" of the offending substance. This has the effect of resetting the blocked circuit. Then acupuncture meridians (pathways in the body for the flow of electromagnetic energy) are stimulated to desensitize the body to the allergen. The treatment is quick, without the use of needles, and the patient leaves the office never to fear the allergen again.

Mission Statement

  "The answer is balance." Dr. Fisher aims to provide a balanced, wholistic program that addresses the complete triad of health: strctural, chemical and emotional. With the most updated techniques   and skills, he provides quality structural chiropractic adjustments. Manipulation is available, but the activator, arthrostim, percussion and laser instruments are also widely used. Emotional health care has taken a giant leap with the arrival of NET and chemical considerations are addressedwith NAET, as well as, nutritional health scans. Applied Kinesiology muscle testing is important in all of the work done for a precise diagnosis.

  The mission is to improve the health of the community and even globally for a better world to live in. It has been proven that the first vertebral subluxation may occur at birth. Whether it was a natural, foreceps or cesarean birth, a chiropractic examination is important. Allergies are most commonly acquired from genetics. Emotionally, research has shown that the child feels and interprets the emotional environment of the world outside of the womb. If parents were well adjusted, free from allergies and emotionally fit before the conception of their children, wouldn't the world soon become a better place to live in? Now with his work with veterans and the communities they serve, Dr. Fisher is taking wholistic healthcare to a national and even global dimension.
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