John met this man while visiting Hanoi a few years back. He told him he had been with the North Vietnamese Army during the war. While reminiscing, they discovered Central Highlands, 1968, battles near Dak To, in common. They had been formidable enemies at one time.....but things are different now. 

John was born in 1947 and raised in San Diego. A champion surfer by the age of 20, he never anticipated serving in the military, yet was drafted by the Army and sent to Vietnam. One year later he returned home appalled, angry and unbeknownst to himself, stripped of his own identity. He knew he was different after combat and with a hostile homecoming in his native land, John escaped by traveling the world. Surfing was his only agenda, that is until he discovered chiropractic while in Australia and returned home to study. By the age of 30, he had graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, married and began his healthcare business in Golden, Colorado. Life seemed good at the time, he was blessed with two beautiful daughters and created a successful practice, but then his nephew deployed into Desert Storm and soon after a 20 year marriage came to an end. All of a sudden his mind had gone back onto the front lines of the Vietnam War. Thus began the long road for post-war reconciliation. Being a wholistic doctor he sought a natural approach, un-medicated counseling, creative healing projects, and finally learning from the ancient cultures and discovering warriorhood.


Author.....Founding Director CORE Viet Nam.....Photographer.....Humanitarian

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